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Zymox for Ears

Over the years, Sophie (my boxador) has had quite a few ear infections, mostly due to yeast. In her case, she tends to develop them mainly after swimming. Out of all the treatments I've been been prescribed from the vet, these over-the-counter drops have been the absolute best treatment. At the first sign of a red or itchy ear, I put a few drops in and immediately see her relief. I usually continue for 2-3 days or until the redness is gone. I have also used Zymox for my cat when she develops that black, gunky earwax and seen the same results.

A lot of people will wash their dogs ears out with rubbing alcohol or vinegar, but these are very stinging when your dogs ears are already sensitive and inflamed. Zymox seems to be the gentlest and most effective treatment I've found to date. We don't currently carry it in our store, but just wanted to pass along this helpful recommendation for anyone who has a canine struggling with ear issues. Click this link to visit

If your dog does have chronic ear infections, please consider changing their diet, especially if you can feed raw. I have noticed a huge difference in the number of outbreaks depending on the quality of my dogs' diet. This summer, for instance, I've taken the dogs swimming almost every day, but having them on a raw diet have seen no ear infections. 

I've also seen a dramatic difference in their overall health since taking them off kibble: they have shiny fur, healthy nails, clean ears, and hardly any "doggy breath" since changing to raw food. So if your dog has hotspots, ear-infections, tartar, foot fungus, or tear staining, please consider a raw diet. Or even a dehydrated raw diet. You can read my articles about feeding raw here: Raw Feeding and Dog Food Reviews.

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