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Why West Paw is Too Cool for School

Leah Twitchell

After a very long search for high quality dog toys that could withstand the vigorous chewing of our pit-mix and boxer-mix dogs, we finally came across a brand called West Paw Design. Not only are these toys tough as nails, but they also float, are recycled/recyclable, and to top it all off, they are made in the USA by a B CorporationWe have personally tested the Bumi, the Jive, the Zisc and Hurley. The results were unanimous: these toys are the bees knees!

Eva the Diva with a Large Jive

The Jive is tough as nails! Eva the Diva has had hours upon hours of product testing with this Jive and after about eight months, she has made some small dings and nicks. You have to keep in mind that Eva is a Power Chewer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say she is an 11. She eats Vari-Kennels for breakfast. Seriously. If your dog is in the 9-10 range or less, you should be good.

Oscar, our little Jack Russel neighbor enjoys his Mini Hurley.

The Hurley is basically like a rubber bone. It withstood rigorous chewing from both Eva the Diva and Sophie. However, since Eva is intent on destroying everything (hence her other nickname: Shiva), she was able to finally take a chunk out her medium Hurley. The large Hurley, on the other hand is still intact. If on a scale of 1-10 your dog is an 11 (like Eva) then we can't guarantee that the Hurley will last forever. The great thing is, we carry these in three sizes. Check them out!

Eva totally hearts the Bumi!

We've played tug of war with the Bumi numerous times and she can hang off of this thing without any evidence of ripping or tearing. After letting her chew continuously, and I mean for hours on end, she was able to take one of the nubs off of her Bumi. So if you have a Power Chewer, be aware that this toy was not indestructible in the jaws of our Diva.

Sophie is rather fond of her Zisc

We've taken the Zisc to the pond several times, and even left it there in the water for weeks at a time. Fearing it would break down in the sun, or somehow become porous and sink, we were amazed to find it floating and good as new! This flying disc is incredibly tough as well: Sophie gave it a good chew during our first fetch session and she was unable to pierce it's tough hide. However, Eva was able to start nicking away at the edge of the Zisc when left to chew on it.

So, we recommend the Bumi for tug-of-war, fetch and light chewing, the Jive is great for fetching and heavy chewing sessions, the Hurley for fetching and medium chewing, but the Zisc should be played with and then put away because the edges are susceptible to very persistent dogs.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we rate these toys a 10! And we love being aligned with this Montana manufacturer who cares about the environment as much as we do. They also offer a recycling program for old toys, making West Paw good for dogs and good for the planet! If you are constantly replacing fetch, tug and chew toys for your tenacious pups, these toys are a great investment. (If your dog does manage to damage one of their toys, they will provide a one time refund or replacement.)

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