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We're Feeding Raw Again: "I and Love and You"

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get my dogs onto a better diet, and five months into the year, I've finally done it! We had gone through some stressful, transitional times, and I had been feeding kibble for quite a while as a matter of convenience and cost. While I ended up having good luck with Taste of the Wild kibble, I was really anxious to get them back on a raw diet. I knew at this stage of the game, buying raw chicken and making a veggie mix was not going to work for me. I've also used The Honest Kitchen dehydrated (cooked) diets in the past with pretty good results on certain formulas.

However, I just found I and Love and You and I'm so excited about this new dehydrated raw diet! It does not have as much protein as I would like for my dogs to have, but to solve that I'm going to add my own protein, rotating in eggs, fish, etc. Some things that make me really happy about this food: it's not only grain-free, its GMO free! There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors in this food. The turkey is raw and freeze-dried. The carbohydrates in this food come from sweet potatoes and other fruits and veggies. And the absolute best part: you scoop it into the bowl and add water, wait 15 minutes while your dog sits and drools buckets, and then feed them a delicious and nutritious meal that they will absolutely love! The transition from their kibble has been very smooth and we haven't had any upset tummies. I HIGHLY recommend this food if you've thought about going raw. It is a gateway food to a truly raw diet, or a wonderful step up from a commercial kibble diet. 

Do you feed raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried, or have you found a kibble you feel is of the highest quality? Please share with us so other readers can find the best diet for their dogs, one that suits their lifestyle and budget...

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