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K9 Adventure on July 27th: Mt. Agamenticus Group Hike

K9 Adventures in Maine

We have partnered up with Karinne Couture of Pawsitive Fitness to offer this group hike and K9 Adventure. We will meet at the parking area and trail head of Mt. Agamenticus by 8:30 am, please arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time.

This will be great fun for all! Karinne can lead us humans through some fitness exercises, and the dogs will enjoy being in nature and hiking with their people. Leah Shamos Twitchell will be supporting those who would like training/handling help with their dogs. This is a great opportunity to bond with your dog in the great outdoors and meet other like-minded dog owners.

All dogs must be leashed with a martingale type collar so they cannot backslip/escape. Alternatively, they may be wearing a very well-fitted harness that you know they cannot elbow out of. This is for everyone's safety.

Some of the dogs who may join us could be dogs who need extra space, so this is not a "pack walk" and you must control your dog at all times in order to prevent unwanted greetings.

Bring your dog's breakfast so we can walk-and-train our way up the mountain!

Please also bring your own snacks, we will stop at the summit for little snack break to refuel. Also on your packing list should be: water, sunscreen, bug spray, windbreaker, hat, sunglasses, etc.

The cost to join this hike is $30. Please RSVP to this event and bring cash. No registration necessary.


You can also call or email Leah FMI if you have questions (or would like to RSVP offline): 207-939-6210 or

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