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New Puppy Class Starts in October

Natural Obedience for Puppies

Puppies are pure joy, emotionally open to the world and ready to learn! Let’s set them up for success by giving them the foundations for natural obedience. In this class, you will be hand-feeding your puppy so that every behavior we ask of them is shaped with food. We will be working on: sit, down, stay and come-when-called. We will also be giving you a “home protocol” to keep puppy safe and out of trouble. We do encourage crate-training for housebreaking and other training purposes.

Class Information:

We will meet every Tuesday at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital at 6:00 pm, starting on October 15th, for 5 weeks, ending on November 12th. 

The classes will run for approximately 45 minutes.

In these sessions, we will explore the foundations of drive-training. This holistic approach to dog training taps into your dog’s prey drive. It is therefore important that you bring a hungry dog to class! Please bring your puppy’s dinner to class with you.

We recommend having the following equipment:

  1. Martingale-style collar (so the dog cannot back-slip his collar)
  2. Harness (not a no-pull harness, just a regular walking harness with a back-clip)
  3. Bait pouch for food, something with a large mouth that you can easily reach into
  4. Four-foot leash, since we will be working around other dogs
  5. Kibble for training sessions, small-bite kibble works best plus chewy training treats mixed in (or just use cut-up hot dogs/cubed cheese). Feel free to use dehydrated food in place of kibble, such as beef lung, chicken liver, or something like Ziwi Peak dog food.

Questions? Call Leah Twitchell: 207-939-6210 or email:

Cost is $150, please call or visit Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital207-839-7456 in order to register and hold your place. 

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