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New Obedience Class Starts in April

Natural Obedience for Dogs (6 months and up)

All dogs can be part of a successful and social team if you tap into their primal desire to: Hunt and Connect. Using their prey drive, you will create a lasting bond with your dog that not only heals old wounds, but creates new channels for social behavior. From this foundation we “teach” the dog obedience. The premise: bedience doesn’t come from following commands, it comes from the dog feeling in sync with his handler.

Class Information:

We will meet every Tuesday at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital at 6:00 pm, starting on Aprils 21st, for 5 weeks, ending on May 19th. 

The classes will run for approximately 45 minutes.

In these sessions, we will explore the foundations of drive-training. This holistic approach to dog training taps into your dog’s prey drive. It is therefore important that you bring a hungry dog to class! Please bring your dog’s dinner to class with you.

We recommend having the following equipment:

  1. Martingale-style collar (so the dog cannot back-slip his collar)
  2. Harness (not a no-pull harness, just a regular walking harness with a back-clip)
  3. Bait pouch for food, something with a large mouth that you can easily reach into
  4. Four-foot leash, since we will be working around other dogs
  5. Kibble for training sessions: small-bite kibble works best plus chewy training treats mixed in (or just use cut-up hot dogs/cubed cheese). Feel free to use dehydrated food in place of kibble, such as beef lung, chicken liver, or something like Ziwi Peak dog food.

Questions? Call Leah Twitchell: 207-939-6210 or email:

Cost is $150, please call or visit Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital207-839-7456 in order to register and hold your place.